The company has always regarded the quality of their lives, the integrity of the soul of the enterprise. Enterprise spirit of "customer demand as the center, based on production management, continuous improvement of the quality system, to submit customer satisfaction products" quality policy, we solemnly make the following service commitments:

1, service quality

1-1 pre service

For the sales department received conventional customer consultation or technical consultation shall make a reply within 4 hours, special products reply does not exceed 24 hours, his tender product recovery time to meet customer requirements in time. If necessary, in response to the inquiry sheet with product drawings and product performance specifications, the main parts of the material, the use of standards, product introduction and other related information.

1-2 manufacturing process services

In the event of a batch manufacturing product or customer request, the customer is invited to the factory to monitor the whole process of product manufacturing. If the customer does not require, the factory will be raw materials into the plant physical and chemical inspection, manufacturing process inspection, finished product inspection and other related inspection according to the rules and regulations to the customer.

1-3 after-sales service

The factory each product manufactured by the product manual (when conditions are ripe with "product manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance" CD) such as customer needs or the provisions of the contract, the customer or product inspection, on-site installation factory can send technical personnel to the scene to guide (a reasonable fee).

When receiving customer product quality complaints:

A, within 4 hours to answer, understand, determine the treatment plan.

B, within 24 hours to reach the scene (the other party has set up a dealer or service network traffic permit), no more than 24 hours at the latest.

C, if the quality of the product, service costs are borne by the factory, such as the quality of the product does not belong to the service costs borne by the customer.

D, such as customer reasons caused by the purchase of product error, the factory will be free to exchange other products.

2, product quality

2-1 The valve products provided by the factory are strictly in accordance with GB/T12238-89, JB/T8527-97, GB/T12221-89, JB/T74, GB9131, HGJ67, JB/74-94, GB9113, HGJ44 and other standard manufacturing, inspection and implementation of GB/T13927-92 standards.

2-2 All the factory valve products in the structure design, parts materials, the wall thickness of the valve body and other projects are in line with the relevant provisions of the standard, gb.

2-3 The factory provides the valve product warranty period is 18 months, as found in product quality defects within the warranty period, the factory offers free three package (i.e., repair, replacement and Bao Tui), and is responsible for the return shipping.

2-4 Customers are welcome to put forward opinions or suggestions on the quality of our products, the quality of the products have been greatly improved, once adopted, will be related to incentives.

customer service

During the installation of the product free of charge to send 1-2 engineering and technical personnel to carry out on-site service until the inspection qualified.

During the project put into trial operation, to send technical personnel to escort in the field, provide all the technical data for the owners, for the owners of free training operators 1-3, the equipment arrived at the scene, we arrange technical personnel on-site to explain the performance of equipment, operation and maintenance matters, at any time according to the needs of the owners, other arrangements relevant training activities.

- ensure regular, keep the quantity, delivery, twenty-four hours from twelve hours to provide on-site service, the product is put into operation, the first day, one year warranty for free; wearing parts, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, three months after the operation of the equipment, the user visits, the maintenance of products to understand the running condition of the equipment warranty period, the company shall bear all losses due to product quality problems.

Note: you can also provide different services according to different requirements of customers

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